Why is our gut brain connection important? 
Have you ever said to yourself ‘I feel rubbish’, well you are not alone and how ‘we are what we eat’, ‘what we eat effects our mood’. ‘mood food’ etc, the list goes on. There have been a lot of studies about the Vagus nerves which is a nerve that connects our gut to our brain, so when we get a gut feeling we are often coming from this or our inner wisdom. It a bit like a fish tank, if the tank is dirty the fish is not going to be happy and start to get it because of the toxicity levels both its internal and external environment. Once we begin to clear an internal environment (our gut, our mind can become clearer, thus aiding us to obtain that gut reaction and our mind then becomes naturally in tune with that). 
This is why I believe in the importance of what I put in my body, do I get this right all the time, no I don’t but I am much more aware so that in my book puts me half way there. Think about our bodies as ‘Dr Robert Morse says being like a test tube, if we put acidic things into our bodies it will get inflamed, we will think acidic thoughts’. It is not rocket science its basic chemistry, keep adding acidic things to our bodies and will then begin to have more and more health problems and end up need acute medical care. Dis-ease in our bodies didn’t happen overnight it has been happening for a long time and has been impacted by our genetic weaknesses, what we eat, toxicities at home and outside. 
How can hypnotherapy help with our gut brain connection? Using the relaxation techniques of hypnotherapy it can help to re-train our brains to have healthy eating habits and behaviours, such as eating more slowly, making healthier choices, exercising to help aid our lymphatic system (highway to remove waste) and also to increase those feel good hormones ‘endorphins’ 
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