Child birth & Pain Management “Although I did not go through natural childbirth hypnosis helped me to remain calm and in control and I was able to go to my happy place”. 


Anxiety & Stress Management “You were completely focused on me Jane. and went where I went. I felt I could have explored anywhere with you and it would have been ok. I feel so much more relaxed now” 


Weight loss “Jane is very empathetic, very professional and felt very relaxed and understood during the online weight management sessions. I have changed my eating habits now for the better. Thank you Jane” 


P T S D “I have been seeing Jane for anxiety and PTSD, I wasn’t coping very well and was struggling to go out. Since having hypnotherapy I am so much calmer and dealing with everyday live with a lot more clarity and ease.”. 


Food Phobia “Since I have seen you my whole outlook on life feels so much brighter. I can now look forward to the future with an optimistic view”. 


Weight Loss “Hey Jane, I just wanted to let you know that I have lost 7lb just in the first 2 online weight management sessions. What really resonated with me was your voice and saying that it was then and this is now. Food isn’t love. Thank you so much” 








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