Menopause Support 

Hot sweats, extreme fatigue, anxiety, stress, weight gain, relationship break down, inability to sleep, low mood, reduced confidence, low sex drive, hormonal imbalances. Does this sound like you? 
From aged 35-40 as women, we naturally begin to have changes (hormonal changes in our bodies), this is a time of Peri Menopause. On average for most Women that enter into Menopause around the age of 51.  
For some they may just breeze through life, however many women as many as 65% have stated that they have been unable to cope, leave work as can’t cope anymore, have feelings of hopelessness and are even suicidal. 
There are huge changes to our hormones during this time and it is why it is even more important to put ourselves first and not on the bottom of pile (like some women do, being mum’s wives and employees etc). 
Going through menopause myself and wanting a more natural way to support my mind and body. I have undertaken more advanced training in Menopause both in Hypnotherapy and as Menopause Health Practitioner. I offer four possible options to help with all budgets. 

Level one 

Weekly group relaxation - currently online only 

Level two 

Master Classes in Menopause.These Will be available on line and in the Tree Rooms, Colchester. I have teamed together with be Melanie Spindler (The Gentle Touch) – Massage therapist, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and teacher to give you an overview, insight, tools, advise and techniques to make your journey during this transition a much happier experience. 

Level Three 

6 Online sessions (Currently only available online) 
You will need to book in for a 30-minute pre-session to check suitability for group sessions 
Week one - 30 minute pre session 
Week two 
Week three 
Week four 
Week five 
Week six 

Level Four 

One-to-one bespoke sessions 
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