Very often if you ask someone about Trauma they may think of a Soldier on the front line. Trauma can happen through a variety of negative life events, which may include: Catastrophic injuries or illnesses, Abuse (emotional, physical or sexual), Death of a loved one, Neglect or abandonment, Natural disasters, Invasive medical and dental procedures Accidents (such as car crashes, falls, etc.) 
Trauma is a response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms the body’s natural coping mechanism, causing feelings of helplessness, diminished sense of self and inability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences. 

Hyperarousal (physical and psychological symptoms)  HypervigilanceIntrusive imagery or flashbacks  Hypervigilance Intrusive imagery or flashbacks Hyperactivity Abrupt mood swings (such as rage reactions, temper tantrums, anger or crying) Nightmare and night terrors Low stress threshold Difficulty in sleeping Shame and lack of self-worth Panic attacks, phobias and anxiety Attraction to dangerous situations Addictive behaviours (such as, over/undereating, drinking, smoking, etc.) 

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